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SpydaBot Sting

SpydaBot Sting

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The SpydaBot is a wireless remote controlled robotic unit mounted on six magnetic legs that magnetise to a metal surface. The application of this set up is usually on a vehicle bonnet or turret of a vehicle where the passengers of the vehicle can control a thermal camera from inside the vehicle. The thermal camera outputs a wireless image to a smart screen inside the vehicle for the passengers to view. The magnetic feet have been arranged in a wide foot print around the central unit to ensure excellent adherence to the vehicle even in intensely rough conditions.    


The SpydaBot is used for:

  • Scanning with thermal camera from a vehicle
  • Scanning with a light from a vehicle
  • Pest control uses
  • Livestock monitoring
  • Security


  • Scanning from vehicle
  • Easy mounting technique makes it fast to mount and remove
  • All passengers in the vehicle can view the screen
  • Quick release system so the thermal camera can be easily removed and used on a wide range of SmartRest units
  • Long lasting batteries

Technical Features:

  • 7V 18500 rechargeable battery
  • 3600 rotation
  • 4G wireless control
  • Adjustable speed
  • Tilt angle – 700
  • Pan speed 100/s – Full revolution – 37 seconds
  • Battery power indicator
  • Quick release mount
  • 6 x silicone caps cover the Magnetic feet – will not damage the paint
  • Shock absorbing magnetic mounts which absorbs vibration from the vehicle
  • Wide foot print for extra grip in the roughest terrain regardless of weather
  • Rare earth neodymium magnets last for ever
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty on the motor (repair only) – Life time on hardware with proper use – a replacement unit will be loaned out until the repair is done
  • Remote distance – 20m
  • Remote Battery – 2 x AAA alkaline
  • Aluminium mounting base with steel legs
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