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Prices smashed on Hikmicro Raptor!

The Hikmicro Raptor has been the companies flagship thermal binocular and market leader for a long time and as we move into a new era, the opportunity to save thousands on this premium model has now come. Get in quick before they disappear.

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For the month of July, purchase an eligible Thermal Monocular and receive a Spydabot Sting (RRP $425) Absolutely free!

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SpydaBot available now!

The SpydaBot is a wireless remote controlled robotic unit mounted on six magnetic legs that magnetise to a metal surface. The application of this set up is usually on a vehicle bonnet or turret of a vehicle where the passengers of the vehicle can control a thermal camera from inside the vehicle. The thermal camera outputs a wireless image to a smart screen inside the vehicle for the passengers to view. The magnetic feet have been arranged in a wide foot print around the central unit to ensure excellent adherence to the vehicle even in intensely rough conditions.

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Hikmicro Habrok 4K

The new Hikmicro Habrok 4K brings together the 4K night vision sensor you love from the Alpex 4K and combines it with a 256px thermal detector, making it the best value game spotting device on the market. If you've been struggling to decide between night vision and thermal technology, this is your answer!

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The Crossfire®HD family of spotters delivers the powerful hunting tool you’ve been waiting for with the provenperformance and reliability you expect from a Crossfire®. Its wide field of view is perfect for chewing up ground inany environment. The Arca-Swiss compatible foot means out-of-the-box, mount-and-go convenience on most tripods.Delivering a variety of magnification options for any hunt, now your first spotter could be the last spotter you ever need.

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Outer Edge Projectiles

In Stock Now!

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Alpex LRF 4k - Back In Stock!

The Hikmicro Alpex 4K is finally back in stock. Numbers are limited so get in quick!

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The Sig Sauer Whiskey3 series scopes are a great option for those looking for premium performance on a modest budget. Prices have been slashed on the whole Whiskey3 range so bag yourself a bargain today!

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InfiRay FH50R V2 - Available Now

The new InfiRay FH50R is going to be the most popular Thermal Monocular on the market. First shipment is expected mid April. To secure yours from this first batch, get in touch today!

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