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Bullet Shooting Accessories

Olight Haloop-Rechargeable Metal Umbrella Light

Olight Haloop-Rechargeable Metal Umbrella Light

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✦ Premium Light: Soft and wide 360-degree beam (10-600lm) that supports stepless dimming, dispels the darkness, and ushers in a relaxing nightlife on any patio or campsite

✦ Dual Light Sources:Both an orange light (6 Filament LEDs) and a white light (LED Strip), fully adaptable to your needs

✦ Metal UFO Design: High-quality feel with its metal base disc, guards, hanger, and unibody reflector. When turned on, it is just like a hovering UFO casting a light portal and can be used by wrapping it around the umbrella handle post

✦ 8800mAh Battery Pack: With four 18500 2200mAh batteries inside, it provides 180 hours of orange light at the lowest output. When the battery is low, just recharge it with the included Type-C cable

✦ Power Bank Function: The Type-C output port works well as a power bank to keep your phones, pads, or cameras alive

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