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InfiRay MAL25

InfiRay MAL25

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The InfiRay Mate MAL25 can be used both as an attachment and as an observation device.
The thermal imaging camera has a compact and robust housing.
With a length of 18,4 cm, the InfiRay MATE MAL 25 is pleasantly short.
With its 25 mm lens, it is suitable for medium and long distances.
The device offers ultra-precise adjustability in the X and Y axes.
The thermal imaging sensor has a resolution of 384 x 288 pixels, a pitch of 12 µm and a sensitivity of 30 mK.
The thermal image is shown on an OLED HD display resolution: 1,024 x 768 pixels.
There are five color palettes to choose from. The image can be focused manually.
In terms of image quality, the MATE devices allow up to 10x magnification of the rifle scope.
The contrast sharpness and image quality stand out clearly from the previous model and are the highlight of this camera.
With the camera it is possible to save up to four different settings for optics.
The thermal imaging device has a WLAN module.
You can transfer the thermal image to your mobile device using an app. In addition, the thermal imaging camera now has a photo and video recording function (with 32 GB of internal memory).
In addition, the device now has a picture-in-picture function, diopter adjustment for people who wear glasses and a Type-C HDMI video output for wired image transmission.
The Mate MAL 25 has an internal battery.

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